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 Changes to the Staff!!

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Black Lady
Graphics Overseer
Black Lady
Graphics Overseer

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PostSubject: Changes to the Staff!!   Thu Nov 21, 2013 1:28 am

Hello all! As I am sure you have noticed there have been some changes made to the staff here at RoC, so we just wanted to fill you in on what we did!

First of all, we have a new staff member! Whoot whoot!! Please welcome silenceglaive as our new Mistress 9! She is taking on the role of Member's Administrator and will be taking care of all member raisings, concerns, problems, etc. She will also be in charge of overhauling our advertisement system so that we can start bringing in new members again! Yay!

Now I bet your thinking, well if she's the new Mistress 9, then where's the old one? Well your lookin at her! With silenceglaive becoming our Mistress 9, I took on the name of Black Lady so that there weren't 2 of us. ^^ Even with my name change I will still be the site Graphics Administrator so if you have any concerns or question about site graphics, then you can still come to me! Smile

Another question you might have is if Mistress 9 is taking on Member's duties, then what about Galaxia Sama? Well since she is the founder of this wonderful site she has decided to take on the role of overall Forum Administrator. She will basically watch over all of the forum and take care of any problems with it. But she will also be taking over the Role Play Administrator duties and here's why.

There was a period of time when this forum wasn't very active. Very few people checked it or even came back to the site during this time and for that we deeply apologize. School, work, and various other responsibilities swept the majority of the staff off their feet and took their attention away from keeping this site alive. And now that we are back and trying our hardest to revive this site we have seen just which staff members came back with us. Unfortunately, our previous Queen Beryl has not been heard from in a very long time and we are to assume that she will not be returning. Therefore she, and her Shintennou Moderators have been removed from the staff. Beryl's responsibilities over the RP are resting on Galaxia's shoulders now and we know that she can handle it. Galaxia has extensive experience in the Role Play field and we are confident that she can breathe life back into our RP!

With that being said the Animate Moderator positions will be switched from Site Moderators to RP Moderators. And with the addition of Mistress 9 as our Member's Administrator, the Witches 5 have been added as the Site Moderators!

As you can also see, I have also made brand new rank icons for everyone to enjoy! Yay! cheers 

And with that I come to a close. If you guys have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask us! We are here to help you and make your experience with the forum as fun as possible!

~Black Lady I love you
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PostSubject: Re: Changes to the Staff!!   Thu Nov 21, 2013 9:51 pm

Awesome! Very Happy

Graphics by Galaxia and Iron Mouse
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Changes to the Staff!!

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