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 Watching 1998 Shin Densetsu Kourin (contains spoilers)

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Sailor Iron Mouse
Sailor Iron Mouse
Sailor Iron Mouse

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PostSubject: Watching 1998 Shin Densetsu Kourin (contains spoilers)   Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:32 am

I'm only watching 30 minutes at a time due to other things so I will be uploading my comments, likes, and dislikes. Again, these are my opinions and thoughts, no bashing please. ^-^

Part 1

So far I'm into 8.29 seconds and I really don't like Yuuta's (Yuuta E.) voice. I'm suprised they let this guy sing, he kind of sucks. Neutral Meanwhile, I really like Usagi's voice (Fumina).
Oooh, foreshadow!
What hold on! How was Galaxia already evil if she hadn't sealed Chaos into her body yet? They brought characters from Classic, Stars, and Super S...ok... I don't think I like Michiru's character in this one, she's sassy and too "girly" if you know what I mean. Cute- tiny clown! Do I sense Galaxia Gorgeous? Galaxia doesn't have that nice, husky voice :/ Crush, crush, crush, demolish!

And that's 30 minutes, I might watch the next 30 minutes when I have some more time. So, until next time! Wink

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Watching 1998 Shin Densetsu Kourin (contains spoilers)

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